Choose an organization that does marketing, and research where and how this organization conducts marketing activities. What marketing tactics and channels is the organization using? Who is it reaching?

Barnes and Noble is a good example of an organization which has had to adapt and diversify its marketing strategy due to increased competition and industry-wide innovation in recent years. Some tactics they engage in include TV and online advertisements, as well as rebranding their stores as community centers rather than just bookstores.

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Clearly, you will have particular interests which will influence your choice of organization, and you may well choose a local business that you know well. This example will use Barnes and Noble, since it is a large chain, with which everyone will be familiar, and a bookstore provides particular points of interest from a marketing perspective in the twenty-first century. Some of the marketing activities, tactics, and channels, however, should be applicable to most organizations you might select.

Barnes and Noble advertises extensively online, and also uses its storefronts for advertising. It runs television advertisements which aim to portray the stores as welcoming places and give more detail about the range of services on offer in print and online. It produces its own range of books, including the leather-bound classics series. It has also invested significantly in e-books, and, in 2009, launched its own e-reader, the Nook. Since Barnes and Noble has faced tough competition from Amazon, it has responded by marketing its brick-and-mortar stores as cafes and community centers, arranging programs of events to persuade people to come in to the stores. Its online advertisements reach mainly younger people, particularly high school and college students, while the television advertisements have a wider audience in terms of age, with a concentration on those who live in larger towns, cities, and suburbs.

Barnes and Noble's corporate headquarters is at 122 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Its website is linked below. Good reasons for choosing this particular organization would include an interest in books and the fact that Barnes and Noble has been forced to change in many ways over the past two decades, mainly through competition from online booksellers.

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