Choose an article which discusses a current political or social event and relates to Neil Gaiman's Coraline. What themes do they share? How do they compare?

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In order to find a news article that relates in some way to Neil Gaiman's Coraline, we first have to review the themes of the novel and then brainstorm how these might show up in real-world stories. Let's get you started on this assignment by doing exactly that.

Coraline focuses on a young girl who, at first, thinks that she would be happier with the “other parents” she finds in the empty flat. She soon realizes, though, that things are not as they seem, and when her “other mother” kidnaps her real parents, Coraline must use every ounce of bravery and cleverness she has to rescue them and to release the souls of the other children. She manages to trick the “other mother” and defeat her.

We will not find news articles like this, of course, but it is certainly possible to find real-world stories about young people who are brave and who rescue others through that courage and their ingenuity. You could do a search for children who save their parents' lives, and you will discover numerous stories of heroism.

Alternately, you might look for articles in which things turn out to be not as they first seem. You might look for a story about someone who was scammed by another person (for a negative example of this), or you could find a piece about someone who jumped to the wrong conclusion and received a pleasant surprise.

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