How could articles about technology directly affect the the workplace, residential areas, or personal life? (example technology articles...

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An example of how technology articles might affect areas of life is the article "Microsoft Opens Its Own Social Network." Microsoft's's social network "Socl" is accessible to anyone who has a Microsoft or Facebook account. "Socl" is described as search- meets-social networking. A user accesses this portal by connecting their Microsoft or Facebook account with "Socl."

using myself as an example, this site is relevant to me as a freelance writer because it is another avenue for marketing my business service. In today's very competitive business environment, it's essential to be aware of, and understand new channels for marketing products and services. With much B2B business activity migrating to the World Wide Web, it's important that those who offer professional business services use those sites that potential clients increasingly visit.

Networking in its various manifestations is the lifeblood of many service providers. Networking helps businesses keep a steady flow of clients in the so-called "loop". This is vital to business success because as some clients retire or go out of business, or move on to other service providers, a business must have new clients to replace them. Therefore, networking in-person and via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Socl, blogs, and more can help a business learn about potential clients and how to tailor their marketing approach to them.