Choose a popular company. Discuss the company's distribution strategy. What are their strengths? What missed opportunities or disconnects are you seeing in their distribution approach? Make recommendations about their future distribution strategy.

A popular company with a strong distribution strategy is Apple. Their online presence and their physical stores allow them to effectively distribute their products and other services.

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Consider discussing the distribution strategy of Apple. Apple is reportedly the world’s most profitable company, and it has a strong distribution strategy. People can buy Apple products—iPhones, iPads, laptops, and so on—through retail stores or online. As COVID-19 has led to an increased reliance on distribution through digital means, Apple adapted by turning some of their stores into distribution centers. This modified distribution strategy has supposedly resulted in faster delivery times.

Prior to COVID-19, the Apple stores themselves proved to be effective ways to distribute their products. Their simplistic, minimal design and layout allowed shoppers to focus on the products and not be distracted by other things.

The undemanding setup doesn’t mean that the Apple Stores didn't provide dynamic experiences. Besides serving as places to distribute their products, Apple stores have been used to offer classes about their products, host events, and provide technical repairs via the Genius Bar.

It’d be interesting to think of their Genius Bar as another form of distribution. With the Genius Bar, Apple is able to distribute solutions to problems that people are experiencing with their gadgets. The marketing of this assistance seems to be a strength. The “genius” terminology makes it appear as if one is getting help from someone on a par with, say, Albert Einstein. Additionally, the “bar” keeps it casual. It makes it seem like one isn’t schlepping to the Apple Store to fix a malfunctioning device but heading to a cool place to hang out and relax.

One recommendation could involve Apple’s treatment of their overseas workers. Many Apple’s products are made in countries like China. Without these foreign laborers, Apple would not have products to distribute. Perhaps Apple should work harder to ensure better working conditions for these integral employees.

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