Chomsky :"should study native speakers' unconscious knowledge of their LANGUAGE(competence),not the language they actually produce (performence). what is the meaning of Nom chomsky? (Mentalist School of Modern Linguistics)

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As a cognitive psycho linguist Chomsky basically established the accepted paradigm of the Language Acquisition Device (LAD) which is an ideal linguistic corpus that exists within our brain which unconsciously obtains all the information from language such as intonation, syntax, semantics, sounds, and accents, and converts them into a meaning regardless of whether you know the language or not. Your brain makes consistent connections to what it already knows, or words it can already speak. When you hear new ones, you immediately try to connect their sounds to sounds you produce yourself.

This being said, what Chomsky is trying to say is that we already have an innate ability to absorb and process language, and that SUCH ability is more scientifically important than production (speaking) because this latter is the very last part of the complex cognitive process that is acquiring language.

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