which choice affected the outcome most? Of all the choices Romeo and Juliet made in the play, which one affected the outcome most and what impact and result did it have.

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Romeo's initial choice to court Juliet despite the fued between their families seems like the most significant choice of the play. Essentially all of the action (and  turmoil and tragedy) of the play stems from this decision. 

Perhaps the choice with the most impact was the decision to keep this relationship a secret.  Romeo and Juliet basically eloped.  Their parents and the Prince were unaware of their decision.  Perhaps the marriage might have been prevented if the families were aware.  Perhaps the feuding would have stopped or at least slowed.  Certainly Romeo and Juliet wouldn't have ended up in the same situation if they had been honest about their relationship.

It seems doubtful that the nit-wit Nurse would be of any assistance to Juliet. Why would she not run off just as Friar Lawrence does when Juliet awakes in the catacombs? After all, she vacuously suggests that Juliet marry Paris even though she is aware that Juliet has married Romeo.

In accord, then, with the previous post,...

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