In Chocolat what is Vianne's idea for cooking chocolate? Compare the views of Vianne and Reynaud for chocolate?Through cooking chocolate what she get?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cooking chocolate (and other sweets, but mostly chocolate) is Vianne's specialty - an ancient art she learned from her mother.  She does it because it it is such a simple way to bring herself and  others great pleasure.  Her idea for opening a Chocolaterie in the town in which she settles is that it is ripe for needing a simple dose of sweet indulgence and pleasure.

The lack of indulgence and pleasure in the small town is the result of the priest, Reynaud.  His approach to life is the complete opposite's of Vianne's.  Rather than seeking pleasure in the small things, he believes the denial of desire is the way to purity and holiness.  He preaches this weekly in the church and heaps guilt upon himself and others when there is a failure to deny the body of physical and emotional pleasure in anything materialistic.

Simply put, the biggest difference between Vianne and Reynaud (when it comes to chocolate) is that cooking it is an avenue to peace and freedom for Vianne - it allows her to open up to others and they in turn, open up back.  On the flip side, the Chocolaterie for Reynaud is a constant temptation (for himself and his parishoners, he believes) reminding them that they are not free - but that in the enslavement of self-denial, they are becoming more holy.

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