In "Chocolat", what is the connection between Vianne and chocolate in the ceremony.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Vianne plans to have her "Grand Festival du Chocolat" on Easter Sunday to celebrate the end of Lent. Throughout Lent, she has been tempting the town residents with her magical chocolates, thus angering the village priest, Francis Reynaud, who is insisting that his parishoners obey the Lenten fast. Reynaud believes that Vianne's chocolates as well as Vianne herself are representations of evil and witchcraft. Reynaud tries to sabotage the chocolate festival and in so doing, plans to bring down Vianne as well. She is a living temptress just as her chocolates are inanimate examples of temptation.

Reynaud's view of life and faith, however, are without joy. If he cannot destroy Vianne, he will lose the control he thinks he has over the townspeople. He must not only rid himself of the festival but of the woman herself, who is planning the festival. Plus, Vianne has on her side the gypsies and the town's oldest citizen, the 81-year-old Armande Voizin, reputed to be a witch herself.

Vianne and chocolate are evil, Reynaud and the church are good. But wait! This is not how it really is in the story! Aha! That is the point.

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