Whihc of the following is associated with the color white in China?Optiona are: a. Peace b. Growth c. War d. Mourning

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Of the options that you have given us, the best answer is D.  This is another case (like the question you asked about gestures) in which different cultures assign different meanings to things.

In many Western cultures, white is associated with purity.  That is why, for example, brides in the West wear white dresses at their weddings.  By contrast, in China, this color is much more associated with death.  As an example of how this could be relevant to a business, Google changed their logo to all-white for users in China and Hong Kong in 2010 as a sign of mourning for the victims of the Qinghai earthquake.  A business that wanted to be culturally sensitive would be aware of this sort of difference in cultural meanings of color.