In China, the State Council has ordered a reduction in urban development projects in Beijing. This is because, as developers clear land, people's homes are destroyed. It will also support the government's aim of reducing total demand in the economy.  b)Urban development is often thought to be beneficial. Consider who might benefit from an urban development project.

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While urban development projects do harm some people by doing things like causing the destruction of their homes, they can, ideally, be of benefit to many more people.  Let us look at some of the people who can benefit.

In China, local political officials benefit from urban development projects.  This can be in part because they profit from the projects in corrupt ways.  It is also because the Chinese political system rewards local officials for economic growth.  The officials who make their way up the ladder in the Chinese Communist Party are those whose localities are economically prosperous.

Outside of the government, specific people benefit from urban development projects.  The people who benefit most directly are those who get to make use of the cleared land.  For example, if you are the person who owns a company that will be allowed to build a shopping mall or an apartment complex in a cleared area, you will clearly benefit from that project.

It is also possible that a large number of people will benefit in indirect ways from such projects.  For example, if shopping areas are created, people in the surrounding areas may benefit.  They will get the convenience of having new stores easily accessible.  They might be able to get jobs working in the new stores.  Their overall quality can be enhanced by the development project.

Thus, there are a variety of people who can benefit if urban development projects are undertaken.

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