Chief Joseph tricked the American troops. Instead of going one way, they traveled along what river?no

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On September 7, 1877 as the Nez Perce came down the upper Clark Fork, in Yellowstone, Yellow Wolf and several warriors came upon two of Sturgis' scouts southwest of Heart Mountain. One scout was killed and another escaped wounded. Yellow Wolf went  back to the Nez Perce camp the next day to warn that troops were up ahead. Later that day, other scouts reported to Sturgis that it appeared the Nez Perce were headed toward the Shoshone River. Sturgis, was impatient and restless. He made a decision. Instead of waiting  near Heart Mountain, he ordered his troops to pack up and move toward the Shoshone River.The Nez Perce did indeed move south toward the Shoshone River, but not very far. Instead, they found an open spot and cleverly concealed their trail. They milled their horses around in every direction, creating confusing tracks that seemed to show the Nez Perce scattering. Then, instead of traveling in the direction they had been headed -- out of the basin and across an open plain -- the Nez Perce turned to the north, traveling along a steep, timbered mountainside for several miles.