Chicken or Eggthe age old question.....what came first, the chicken or the egg?  

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I like answer number 7. That one made me laugh. However, I will always answer this differently depending on how I feel that way. I say egg, unless you believe chickens spontaneously popped out of the ground. The egg could have been laid by something other than a chicken, but what was produced was a chicken.
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From a Christian perspective, the chicken undoubtedly came first. God created all living creatures, and he created both male and female. These creatures he created with the ability to reproducewhich meant the chickens were created with the ability to use a fertilized egg as a means of propagating the species.

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Since God created all living creatures I would have to say that the chicken actually came before the egg. However I am sure thare are as many arguments one way as there is the other.

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The answer is simple. It is the egg.

Why? Evolution.

The question seems confusing because, without the answers provided by evolution, you need a chicken for an egg and an egg for a chicken. But, here is the answer...

1) Birds are not the only creatures to lay eggs.

2) When life emerged from water, it had to go back to water to lay it's soft, fertilised eggs. (many animals still do this.)

3) Slowly eggs became more adapted to land and the hard-shelled egg developed, which could be laid on land.

4) The creatures that laid hard-shelled eggs, over 100s of millions of years slowly evolved into birds.

There is no mystery or philospohical paradox. Eggs predate chicken by a vast amount of time. Science is where you should always look for real answers.

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This was my summarized answer to someone before about this age-old philosophical question that many have answered.

A chicken is actually a chicken.

An egg is potentially a chicken.

Actuality must come before potentiality, therefore the chicken came first. This was answered by Descartes, Einstein and Hawking.



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It could be said that the egg came first, because other animals had been laying eggs long before chickens existed, such as the dinosaurs. In biology,egg is used as a general term in this way.