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Briefly, since I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, Charlotte Bronte was one of the women writers of her time that wrote about strong women who longed for independence and who stood up to authority (men).  Charlotte, like her sister Emily, believed in women's rights and had characters in their writing (and in Emily's case, poetry, too) that were strong and who voiced their opinions about important subjects of the day, including children being forced to work at difficult jobs that required dangerous working conditions.  The Bronte sisters can be considered feminists in these regards.  I'm sure someone else can provide more information for you, too, once you clarify what you need to know.

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I think the issue of Charlotte's feminism is extremely complicated, and must have seemed so to the young author herself! This is because she was in a strange position - dependent on men for her keep yet feeling responsible for contributing because the family were actually very poor and insecure. She gamely tried everything, hating tutoring, trying to open a business in the form of a boarding school for girls and eventually hitting a tiny jackpot with writing. In addition she adored her widowed dad, and devoted herself to his welfare before a short marriage.

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What is your question? Do you need an explanation? Examples?

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I appreciate the prompt answer. Actually I want to know more about Charlotte Bronte's approach towards feminism, how she can be seen as a precursor of feminism and how did she influenced the movement of the 60es and previous manifestations of feminism.