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by Shirley Jackson

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Who is the narrator of the story? Use textual evidence to support the answer. 

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The narrator of the story is the one from whose perspective or point of view the story is told. A literary description of point of view usually also includes identifying from which person's perspective the author wrote the story. The story "Charles," is told from the first person point of view in the mother's voice. We know this because of the use of first person indicative words such as my and I.

The narrator of the story "Charles" is his mother. The story is told from this perspective. The reader experiences all the events of the story as seen or understood by the mother. The use of words such as "my son" when she refers to Laurie, are evidence of this. Further text evidence includes the following quotes:

"The day my son Laurie started kindergarten, he renounced corduroy overalls..."

"I asked again, but Laurie slid off his chair, took a cookie, and left..."

"My husband came to the door with me as I set out for the P.T.A. meeting."

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