In Charles Dickens' novella, 'A Christmas Carol', identify the characters that are significant in Scrooge's search for identity.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Belle: Made Scrooge understand what he had missed in the way of love and family life. Helps him understand how he became what he is.

Bob Cratchit: Also shows the nature of family life and how Scrooge is viewed from that perspective. It is a vision of his family and how they remain happy despite poverty that causes Scrooge to change his nature.

Tim Cratchit: Pity for Tiny Tim is what causes Scrooge to become charitable and kind.

Fred: Has words of kindness for Scrooge that eventually help Scrooge’s transformation.

The Ghost of Christmas Past: Shows Scrooge his own youth,

The Ghost of Christmas Present: Shows Scrooge his friends and family.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: Shows Scrooge his future if he does not change.

Jacob Marley: His ghost begins Scrooge’s journey, and he shows how being a miser caring only about cash can turn someone into a miserable hollow creature.

Old Fezziwig: Makes Scrooge remember the power of kindness.

Fan Scrooge: Cares for the younger Scrooge.

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