charactor marlena, i need more information about her. marlena is jacobs love then why is there not to much said about her,i want to do my character analysis on her and i don't have much time can some please help me out ,just a little.

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Do not forget to examine the place of women in American society in the time frame of the novel.  For instance, Marlena feels trapped in her homelife as her parents arrange a marriage for her with a middle-aged man.  Desperate to escape this arrangement, Marlena joins a circus.  Were there any other choices available to her at such a time? 

Often the mentality of women in the 1920s and 1930s was that they could not support themselves as jobs were few and paid little for women.  It may be this mentality that makes Marlena tolerate the abuse of August.  It is only when she finds Jacob, then she begins to consider other possibilities.

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Marlena is an interesting character because of the difference between how she behaves in her trap of a marriage to her controlling husband, and in contrast, to how independent and strong she is with the animals, in particular the elephant. You have to see Marlena as Jacob does.  What attracts him to her? Look for evidence of her character in the scenes where is alone with Jacob or with the elephant.

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