What is a description of the characters of Sidi and Sadiku?

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In The Lion and the Jewel, Sidi is consider to be the jewel, the belle, the beauty. Because of this she feels that she is superior to all others in the village. She is attracted to a photographer who captures her image and has it published in a magazine, and she attracts the attention of the young village school teacher. But through the enticement of Sadiku, she is courted by the Bale Baroka, who ultimately makes love to her.

Sidi is the Jewel: the village's belle whose beauty has been captured by a photographer and published in a magazine. As a result she sees herself as above anyone in the village including Bale Baroka, the Lion of Ilunjinle.

Sadiku is the senior wife of the Bale Baroka, whose main job is to attract a new young wife for him. She entices Sidi through trickery to become a wife by explaining the Bale is old and will soon die. Because of the rights of succession Sidi will become the wife of the next Bale.

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