The Characters of Shakespeare's play were not supportive of Romeo & Juliet's relationship. Discuss.

Expert Answers
ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were several characters in the Williams Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet who would not have been supportive of their relationship. It needs to be said, that this relationship was a secret from almost everyone but the nurse and the priest who assisted them. Be that as it may, we can infer that many people would have objected. First and foremost would have been Lord Capulet. He has agreed to allow her to marry Paris. He indicates in the play that he has even allowed Juliet some say in regard to which suitor he chose. This would have been a business arrangement between the two families, and it would have brought much dishonor unto Lord Capulet when Juliet broke the agreement. Lady Capulet would have objected because a dutiful wife must follow her husband’s decrees. Tybalt, of course, would have objected because he hates all of the house of Montague. We are not given much insight into what the Montague’s attitude would have been, but one would guess they wouldn’t be much different.

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