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The Proposal By Anton Chekhov Questions And Answers

Describe the characters in The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

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The Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekhov is a farce aimed at the Russian aristocrats' pride in and ownership of property as the overriding measure against love and romance in the consideration of marriage. In farces, the characters are stereotypes who are caught in exaggerated situations that often become ludicrous.

  • Stephan Stephanovitch Tschubukov is an impetuous and hypocritical man

Tschubukov is an impetuous and hypocritical man. When Lomov first comes to visit, Tschubuhov greets him exuberantly, shaking his hand and saying, "My dear fellow....I'm so glad to see you!" But, when his neighbor Lomov says that he needs assistance, Tschubukov grumbles in an aside, "He's come to borrow money! I won't give him any!" Then he turns to his neighbor and congenially asks, "What is it, then, dear Lomov?"

When Lomov finally gets around to asking for the hand of his daughter, Tschubkov again gushes with sentimentality, even suppressing a tear, and declares to his neighbor that he has always loved him. He...

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