What do you think about the way the main characters handled their situations and/or problems throughout the novel Fahrenheit 451?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, Montag handled his situation respectably. Montag chose to take action and find the source of his unhappiness. Rather than idly dismiss his feelings, he courageously confronts them by taking action. Montag takes control of his own destiny by stealing books, reading them, and searching for answers. However, I feel that Montag handles many situations haphazardly. Montag confides in his callous wife, which is a bad decision, and carelessly reads poetry aloud to Mildred's friends. Montag's risky decisions put him in a compromising situation that he fortunately escapes.

Mildred handles her problems foolishly. She attempts to suppress her emotions via pharmaceuticals and mindless entertainment. Instead of confronting her depression and dealing with her issues, she numbs her mind and zones out. I feel that she is a pathetic coward for not confronting her emotions and selling out her husband who is trying to find answers.

Faber is apprehensive in regards to dealing with his current situation. He initially displays cowardice by submitting to society's pressure. However, after speaking with Montag, Faber handles his situation pragmatically. He displays caution when devising his plan and shows courage by leaving for St. Louis.

In my opinion, Captain Beatty handles his situation conveniently. He goes along with society and accepts the skewed reasoning for censoring ideas. Rather than think independently and challenge society's misconceptions, he openly accepts them for what they are.