If the characters from The Wednesday Wars were sitting next to you what would like to ask them?

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There are so many questions I would like to ask of the characters in The Wednesday Wars, and I imagine many readers have questions they would like to pose to the characters. One question I wondered about is why Mr. Hoodhood is so cold and distant with his children. Why does he insist on perfection to the point where Holling, his son, refers to their house as the Perfect House? Their house is so forbidding that Holling and his family can't even sit on the sofa, which is covered with plastic. It's clear that Mr. Hoodhood wants his architectural firm to do well and that he is convinced he has to be perfect (and have a perfect family). Is this desire what causes him to be so distant and demanding towards his family, or was he also raised in this manner? These are some questions I would have for Mr. Hoodhood. In addition, why is Mrs. Hoodhood so passive, and why is she also so removed from her children's lives? Perhaps you have other questions that you would pose to the characters in the novel.

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