The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs

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Discuss the characters in "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs.

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In “The Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs, wishes really do come true, but the outcome may not be what is expected.  In this horror story, the White family receives a “monkey’s paw,” which offers three wishes to the person who receives the paw. 

The characters in the story are basically flat characters.  The reader knows little about them.  On the other hand, Mr. White deals with negative events in his family.  He has to take over that as leader and make decisions that his wife does not like.  He becomes a more round character as the story progresses.

Mrs. White is grief stricken in the story.  She has to relinquish the family control to her husband because she is unable to make logical decisions.

The Victim

Herbert White’s character is not developed.  The reader knows that he is killed senselessly at his work.  Even before Herbert dies, it is obvious that his parents love and admire him.  Herbert also loves them.

Inferentially, Herbert seems responsible and a hard...

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