Characterize yourself by describing the things that you possess and value. Specifically , identify three or four things from your home ( physical things or places) that accurately represent who you are. 

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This is an entirely personal question that each student has to answer on his or her own, drawing upon those items in his or her possession.  No one can do that for you.  In general terms, however, what you own often tells others what kind of person you are.  One’s possessions are often a reflection of one’s values and desires and interests.  A home or apartment well-adorned with books usually indicates an intellectually curious individual who obviously likes to read or, at least, wants to be surrounded with visible symbols of knowledge.  The photographs hanging on walls or placed upon mantles or shelves similarly tells something about who we are.  A display of photographs of the homeowner with relatives and/or friends clearly indicates that the person values human relationships.  Ostentatious displays of wealth can indicate affluence, or that someone hopes to put forth an image of affluence.  What’s in the garage can also hint at an individual’s values.  A late-model automobile the cost of which appears out of proportion to the owner’s known socioeconomic status may indicate that the owner places a higher priority on a luxurious ride or on giving the appearance of success than on other priorities, like the home itself or the education and care of whatever children may or may not reside there.  An old, clearly-past-its-prime car can indicate financial scarcity or that the owner simply places little to no value on a basic mode of transportation.  A sparsely-furnished and minimally-adorned condominium in an expensive complex, similarly, may indicate either that the occupant is...

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parama9000 | Student

This is more of a personal and potentially individualistic question that has no specific answers.

For example, if I have a bookcase full of books, it could show how I love reading.

If I have a yellow bookcase, then I am probably a warm person.

If I have a rectangular shaped bookcase, then I love the orderliness of things.

Size, shape, texture, color can all play significant roles in the description of things, and ultimately tell about one's personality.

StephanieRR | Student

Bookcase- I actually have six bookcases in my room, but if we have to choose just four things, one will suffice for the present purpose. I love to read. I love to learn and encounter new ideas and voices. I am an English major and hope my career will deal directly with words. Books are a major part of who I am.

A CD- I love to sing. I have loved performing on stage my whole life and singing is one of my main forms of stress relief and emotional expression. 

A pencil- This ties into some of the things I already mentioned about the bookcase, but I still feel it deserves its own mention because writing is such a big part of me. I am not great with visual art. Language is my primary mode of expression, and I love writing stories. I have been working on a novel since I was fifteen, so I have carried ideas about it for several years now. Words are my life.

Sword of Gryffindor- I have an awesome replica of the sword on my wall. I also have Anduril, Sting, and the Evenstar from Lord of the Rings.  I still run around my room slaying imaginary orcs. I still use a knitting needle for a wand and an old Halloween costume cape that barely reaches my knees as an invisibility cloak. I have a Star Trek shirt and Dr. Who socks. I see nothing wrong with still indulging in my imagination as an adult, and while I don't really make a big deal out of calling myself one, others have certainly identified me as a nerd. Whatever you want to call a person who gets really into certain shows or books, that's a person I am.

amysor | Student

This answer varies on from student to student. Personally, a computer, books, violin, and my drawings. 

A computer because I spend a lot of time using technology. Technology interests me vastly, and I really enjoy it.

Books because I enjoy learning about new things. Also, one of my favortie hobbies is to read during my free time.

A violin because I play the violin and I love music. Music is something I cannot live without, and music is part of my life every single day.

Drawings, because I love art. Art is a form of expression, and art is one of my passion.

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