The Three Sisters Questions and Answers
by Anton Chekhov

The Three Sisters book cover
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Characterize Olga in The Three Sisters as either loving and agreeable or an object or pity or even ridicule.

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This is an interesting question as it draws attention to the way in which Olga as a character can be viewed in so many different ways and how she has the ability to divide an audience. On the one hand, she is the oldest sister of the three sisters in the title, and clearly her role is to act wisely and sensibly as she represents rationality compared to the other sisters. She is desperately trying to meet the code of nobility that her family have instilled her with, and as a result, she finds it very difficult to live in a world that is so different. She is therefore constantly in conflict and exhausted with the struggle. The way Olga thinks about Moscow shows that she is very nostalgic and  that she is not able to look forward with...

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