Characterize Dee in "Everyday Use" according to her style, value and treatment of others

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dee is what one would deem as the opposite of the prodigal daughter. She is the typical young woman who attains a higher level of education and culture than the rest of her family and, instead of being thankful, rubs it in.

As part of her new status and higher thoughts of herself, the woman formerly known as Dee has suddenly experienced a "former self" revival of Africanism and changed her name to Wangero to be cool and fashionable.

Additionally, she overrides all the value of objects and items in her "former self" house as museum pieces that she wanted to collect as long as they remain usable "on everyday use."

However, here is when we see a selfish, superficial, arrogant, and flippant girl, over-educated for her capacity of thought and probably too unworthy of the good family that raised her.

In not so many words, Dee is a woman who overrates herself by underrating others, who chose a revival of her roots as a way to become fashionable, and whose family values are non existent or have been traded for a superficial interest in its monetary potential.