What are the characteristics of the major land biomes?

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A biome is a large land mass with similar types of animals, vegetation, landforms and climate. Below are the characteristics of several of the most well-known biomes.

Desert: Often found in midlatitudes. Climate is characterized by hot days, cool nights, and 10 inches or less of water per year. The dry soil and hot climate is the perfect habitat for succulent plants. Snakes, mice and some birds live in the desert. 

Tundra: Foud in high northern latitudes. This results in cold weather. Harsh, cold, long winters result in the ground being permanently frozen. This is called the permafrost. Grasses, mosses, and shrubs grow here. Weasels, foxes, and caribou are some of the animals you might find in the tundra. 

Tropical Rain Forest: Found along the equator. This results in a warm to hot climate that receives an abundance of rain throughout the year. The trees of a rainforest form a high canopy from which monkeys can swing. Snakes, insects, and tropical birds are other animals found in the tropical rain forest. 

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