What are the characteristics of the contingency viewpoint of management?

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Contingency based management essentially is in constant flux. This style of management holds that no single style is better than others but that they are all valuable in different situations. Essentially, the model holds that in the event of an emergency or if your primary management style breaks down, you have a secondary approach, and you can keep cycling through management styles until you find one that is successful.

Primarily, to be successful, the roles must be very well defined between manager and employee, because the relationship may shift while transitioning between management styles, so it is best to have them set in stone beforehand. Additionally, the objectives must be well defined as well because as each management style comes and goes, the approach to find a solution will change, but the objective must remain the same. Finally, the manager needs to be well-versed in different management styles to be able to appropriately incorporate them into their leadership.


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