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Please paraphrase the character sketch of 'The Wife of Bath' in Chaucer's  'Prologue' to "The Canterbury Tales."

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The General Prologue introduction of the Wife of Bath in the Canterbury Tales describes her in detail telling her location, most pronounced physical characteristic, occupation, skill, religious behavior, wealth and style, facial features, her standing in the community, her worldly experiences, her teeth (symbolic of sexuality), her horsemanship, her head wear, her physique, her psychological traits (spur the horse), her sociability, her dabblings in magical and herbal remedies.

A prose paraphrase of Geoffrey Chaucer's description in poetry of the Wife of Bath might run something like this:

In the company was a wife from Bath or its environs who was a little bit hard of hearing. She wove cloth and was more skilled at it than the famous...

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