Describe the different character traits and relationships between Jack, Ralph, Piggy, and Simon throughout the Lord of the Flies.

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Each character in the novel Lord of the Flies displays unique traits and develops different relationships with certain boys throughout the story. Jack is the tyrannical leader of his tribe of hunters. Jack represents immorality, violence, and brutality on the island. Jack continually torments and chastises Piggy, who symbolizes intelligence and civility, and is Ralph's foil. Ralph is the charismatic elected leader of the boys. He also represents civility, democracy, and understanding throughout the novel. Ralph gets along with both Piggy and Simon, but cannot convince the other boys on the island to follow his directives. Ralph challenges Jack several times throughout the novel but is forced to flee from Jack's barbaric tribe when they decide to "hunt" him. Piggy's is the fat boy with glasses who gets picked on throughout the novel. Piggy is intelligent and makes several important suggestions that help the boys survive. His character is symbolic of scientific knowledge, and he attempts to solve the nature of the beast pragmatically. He is Ralph's closest supporter and has deep feelings of hatred towards Jack. Simon is the overlooked, helpful boy who cares for the littluns throughout the novel. He possesses the ability to truely understand the nature of the beast, but is looked upon as crazy by the boys. He is a loner throughout the novel, but Ralph and Piggy both find his company pleasant. Jack pays no attention to what Simon says and also views him as crazy. Simon is symbolic of Jesus Christ throughout the novel because he is selfless and brutally murdered at the hands of savages for no reason. 

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