Which character suits Genji in The Tale of Genji?

Expert Answers
Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If by "suits" you mean which of the many female conquest Genji finds most agreeable, this would probably be Lady Murasaki.  Here is an excerpt from the character pages at eNotes.  You can find out more about Lady Murasaki and the host of other characters by following the link below:

"Lady Murasaki first enters the novel as a ten-year-old child. She is the daughter of Prince Hyobu, and thus Fujitsubo's niece. Genji discovers her in the northern hills on a mission to receive treatment for a persistent illness. Her resemblance to Fujitsubo gives rise to Genji's obsession for her. Genji's desperate and persistent pleas to adopt her are finally approved, but at the same time Prince Hyobu decides to take charge of her. Genji steals Murasaki away to begin her education, which amounts to a long, careful grooming to become his perfect lover. At fourteen, she becomes one of Genji's secondary wives and his favorite. She embodies the ideal Heian woman, sophisticated, loyal, and of an even temperament."