character sketch of the postmaster in the chapter"the postmaster."

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The Postmaster was a Calcutta boy. He was posted to a small village Ulapur. He didn't like to live in a village. He felt ill at ease like fish out of water in the village. There he didn't find any good company. He missed the metalled roads, buildings and crowd of people . He was an educated man and felt odd living in the village with iiliterate people. He had a helper in his house named Ratan, who was an orphan girl. She did domestic work of his house and took care of him. During the time of Shravan the postmaster felt ill and missed his family members- mother  and sister. Ratan nursed him tenderly and warmly. Ratan was the only good company for the postmaster. He taught alphabet to Ratan and shared feeling of memories of his mother and sister. When the postmaster was ill, ratan put her soft hands on his head that remembered the postmaster his mother. In this condition of sickness he remembered his mother and sister and wanted to return back so that he resigned from his job. when he told his decision to Ratan she liked to go with him but according to postmaster philosophy "separations and deaths are the part of life "

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Postmaster is the main character in the story of RabindraNath Tagore. He was a city dweller. He was posted to village of ullapur so he g\feels a fish out of water.

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