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Philip Pirrip (or as he's known in the novel Pip) is the main character and narrator of Dickens' novel Great Expectations. The novel relates his journey as he changes as a result of experiences in his life.  An orphan, he is raised by his sister and her husband (ne never knows his deceased mother and father).  While abused and taunted by his sister, he is an apprentice of Uncle Joe.  He has a good heart and moral conscience; throughout the novel we see that he believes that he is better than his circumstances, but things never seem to work out for him.  He learns that he has an unnamed benefactor who is willing to pay for his education.  He assumes the benefactor is Miss Havisham (who has commanded him to love Estella).  He lives his apprentice and goes to London for school, but finds his tutor is inept and that he is ill equipped to take to the ranks of his new social class.

After losing Estella and his rank, he learns that it is not a man's social standing, but his acts that make him a true gentleman.  A lesson that may be learned too late, but shows his personal journey is complete.



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