character sketch of pakhom from how much land does a man require?it should be in 1500 words

Expert Answers
lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pakhom is dissatisfied with his life. He feels that owning land will make him happy and settle his problems. He is able to purchase some land, but still is not satisfied. Pakhom becomes greedy. He desires more and more land.

When Pakhom hears about the lush, rich land of the Bashkirs, he heads out to purchase it. When he arrives, the Bashkirs tell him that he can have all the land he can walk around in a day.

At sunrise, Pakhom meets at the top of the hill. All that he has to do is walk around as much land as possible before sunset. Pakhom begins by covering quite a bit of land, actually more than he should try and cover. By sunset, he is rushing to the the top of hill. By trying to cover too much area, Pakhom stresses himself. He reaches the top of the hill and falls dead.

Sadly enough, Pakhom learns the hard way. In the end, Pakhom only needs six feet of land, just enough to be buried in. He should have been content, but his greed kills him.