Provide a character sketch of any good character in Black Beauty by Anna Sewell.

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Ginger is one of Beauty's main horse companions for a time at Birtwick Park. When they first meet, Ginger is not at all friendly to Beauty. Ginger has showed her ill temper at Birtwick and Beauty has been given her stall. The reader finds out in the chapter about Ginger that she has been mistreated and trained by harsh means that have left her angry and rebellious. Ginger is distrustful of any humans but works alongside Beauty at Birtwick and learns to have a better temperment. Ginger and Beauty work well alongside each other and make a hardworking team. Through her interactions and conversations with Beauty, the reader discovers that Ginger is very introspective. At one point she explains to Beauty that she knows she could have had a better temperment had she not been trained and raised with such a rough handed attitude by cruel humans. 

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A delightful character, the pony named Merrylegs is, like most ponies, very clever. When the Vicar Blomefield's children visit along with their father, it is Merrylegs who is called upon to entertain them. Round and round they are all ride up and down the fields and all around the orchard.  After a couple of hours, the boys think that they should ride Merrylegs and fashion whips out of large hazel sticks to make him go as fast as possible.  However, little Merrylegs is too smart to allow them to abuse him.  So, when they whip him, he simply rears up and they slide off his back.

When he is returned to the stable, his handler James scolds him, "There, you rogue, mind you behave yourself, or we shall get in trouble."  So, when Beauty asks him what has happened, Merrylegs explains.  The pony is yet another character who illustrates the intelligence of horses and how important it is to treat animals humanely. 

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