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When Anne comes to Green Gables she is 11 years old.  Prior to that she had been bounced around from home to home to orphanage.  Anne is an emotional young girl.  It sounds negative to say that she is moody or has mood swings, but she really does.  When she is happy, she's on top of the world; however, she is not the kind of person that can be happy no matter the situation.  She has a tendency to get angry at the smallest provocation.  She will then stamp her feet heavily in an angry huff.  

Despite her range of emotions, she genuinely wants to do well at Green Gables.  She struggles to learn all of the things that the other children have grown up learning their entire lives, but she keeps at it. That shows that Anne is a driven young girl.  She is determined.  Maybe it would be described as stubborn, but that's up to the reader. 

She also has an active and vivid imagination, usually focused on beauty, elegance, riches, etc.  No problems there, but unfortunately she frequently imagines a world and herself in ways that are far beyond reality. What that means for Anne is that she is unhappy with how she herself looks (hair, skin, etc.).  That mellows as she gets older, which makes sense.  Most people gain more self confidence as they get older and more mature. 

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