I would like to know if there's a character map of the book To Kill a Mockingbird that describes their relations, feelings towards each other, and character traits.

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Jean Louise Finch -- She is also called Scout.  She's the main protagonist of the book, and the novel's narrator. Her father is Atticus Finch. Her brother is Jem.  Living in the Finch household is also a black cook named Calpurnia.  Scout could be considered a tomboy, and that is probably because she is a young child and has an older brother. Scout is intelligent, friendly, and loving, but she can be incredibly stubborn too.  

Atticus Finch --  He is not a "manly-man," and that bothers Scout.  She wonders why her father doesn't hunt and fish like the other dads.  He is highly intelligent and patient. He believes in judging people by their actions, not the color of their skin. He always finishes what he starts, and he is a good father to Scout and Jem. He teaches them about loyalty, right and wrong, and about standing strong in the face of hatred and bigotry. 

Jeremy Finch -- AKA Jem. Jem is a lot like Scout. One major difference though is that he is moving into adolescence, so he is starting to see the world differently than Scout. He wants to be treated like an adult, but is also extremely frustrated at the injustice he sees in the adult world.  The court case of Tom Robinson is very tough on Jem.  Other than having a heart for people and not being quick to judge, Jem is a stereotypical American boy. 

Aunt Alexandra -- Atticus's sister.  Fiercely devoted to family, she disapproves of the way that Atticus is raising his children. She does not like the fact that Atticus is defending Tom Robinson because she believes it looks bad for the family name. 

Arther Radley -- Jem and Scout call him "Boo." Boo is a "good guy" all throughout the novel, but Jem and Scout initially think he is a scary and creepy neighbor. They eventually learn that he is an emotionally scarred child because he had an abusive father. Boo ends up saving Jem and Scout from an enraged and drunken Bob Ewell.  

Bob Ewell -- Member of one of Maycombs poorest families.  He's a drunk. He leads the charge and accusations against Tom Robinson, who supposedly raped his daughter. He's an angry bigot of a man. 

Dill Harris -- Summertime friend of Jem and Scout.  He comes to Maycomb to live with his aunt during the summers. He is extremely fun and imaginative, and is basically incapable of thinking poorly of people. 

Tom Robinson -- Black field hand accused of raping Bob Ewell's daughter. He is innocent, and therefore he is representative of innocence being destroyed by racial prejudice.  

Calpurnia -- The black cook of the Finches.  She is a very stable and dependable character.  She is stern toward Jem and Scout, but never mean.  She has high expectations of the children and holds them to it. 

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