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Describe the characters of Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov, Natalia Stepanovna, and Stepan Stepanovitch Tschukobov in A Marriage Proposal.

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A Marriage Proposal is a farce that pokes fun of romance and marriage within the upper class as the consideration and pride in property takes precedence over love and marriage with Chekhov's characters. These characters frequently stop listening to each other, often contradict each other, and constantly contradict each other.

  • Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov 

Tschubukov's neighbor, thirty-five-year-old Lomov decides to formally propose marriage to Natalia Stepanovna, although he has known his neighbor for years. When he formally asks Natalia's father, Stepan Tschubukov, he is hugged by this parent. Nevertheless, he is worried that Natalia will refuse and remains nervous. A hypochondriac, Lomov thinks he is cold, and believes he has a roaring in his ears. Further, he complains of a weak heart, insomnia, strange aches, and other ailments.
When he does speak to Natalia, he does not ask her to marry him; instead, he becomes disputatious soon after bringing up the land between their properties. He and Natalia begin shouting, and Lomov threatens to take the Tschubukovs to court. Complaining of his heart, Lomov collapses. When her father complains about Lomov's audacity to propose marriage, Natalia begs her father to bring him back, so Lomov returns, but begins to argue with Natalia about  their dogs. This prompts more spasms and aches until the father intervenes so that they will marry.

  • Natalia Stepanovna

With her father's saying that "a dealer has come to buy something," Natalia enters the front room to find there Ivan...

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