Examine the character of Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger by John Osborne.

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Jimmy Porter is one of the most challenging antiheroes to come out of the twentieth-century theater. He is a frustrated man: though highly intelligent, the rigid English class structure prevents him from procuring a job worthy of his talents, as those are still reserved for those born into families with middle- or upper-class breeding. He is stuck selling sweets at the market and playing jazz part-time.

Jimmy also experiences great trauma from losing his father at a young age. He felt disconnected from the rest of his family and felt that no one else cared. Sitting by his father as he died left a major scar on Jimmy's psyche and left him without much in the way of direction.

Despite his justified resentment of the class system and his emotional wounds, Jimmy unleashes his anger on those who do not deserve it, especially people who are vulnerable, like his wife, Alison. From what is seen in the play, Alison has done extremely little to vex Jimmy: she is faithful to him, attracted to his...

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