Briefly describe the character of Donalbain from "Macbeth".

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In Macbeth, Donalbain is King Duncan’s son and Malcolm’s  younger brother.    He is “present  but silent in the early scenes of the play.” When he finds out that his father, King Duncan, has been murdered, he suggests that he and Malcolm leave.  Malcolm goes to England and Duncan goes to Ireland.

Donalbain  suggests that  he and his brother leave the country because he knows that whoever is responsible for killing Duncan will come after him and his brother next because they are next in line to the throne.

After their departure, Donalbain and Macbeth come under suspicion for murdering their father.  (It is thought that they killed him because they wanted to be kind.)

Donalbain has a very small part in Macbeth especially compared to his brother Malcolm who has “one of the three main speaking parts in the play” (next to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth)


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