Character description of the characters in the A Midsummer Night's Dream.Descriptions of the people like Helena, Hermia, and all the fairies, mechanicals, etc.

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When doing a character analysis, pay attention to the methods of characterization, both direct and indirect, employed by the author in the development of the characters.  For a character like Helena, her dialogue and interactions with other characters reveal much about her character.  At the beginning of the play, Helena appears to be a less than confident character; she is madly in love with Demetrius, but he only has feelings for Hermia.  Helena does not understand this because on a previous occasions, the two have made love.  Helena internalizes this rejection.  Things change drastically over the course of the play with the magic potion and the lovers' folly, and in the end, Helena holds the affection of Demetrius.

The link below leads to the character analysis section for A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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Theseus: He is like a mediator and counsellor, reliable, trustworthy, highly respected and represent justice.

Hippolyta: Gentle, really excited about the wedding, lover of Theseus.

Egeus: want absolute obedience from her daughter, stubborn, authoritarian, uncaring

Lysander: madly in love with Hermia, fight for his rights,respect Hermia when she insists to sleep seperately in the forest.

Demetrius: dishonest, courts Helena, irresponsible, unkind to Helena

Hermia: fight for her love, couragous, to voice out her opinion, won't blindly obey her father's will.

Helena: jealous, madly in love with Demetrius, lugubrious

Puck: Happy-go-lucky, merry wanderer, loyal to his master

Oberon: trick, jealous, manipulative, obsessive

Titania: Proud, protective