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I assume you are asking for an analysis of this character.  Enotes provides a wonderful link for character explanation, which I have included below.  In short, however, this character is the protagonist of this play.  He is a strong and natural leader, but he is plagued with self-doubt and an overall lack of ambition.  He is self-indulgent and self-pitying which often leads him to make illogical and rash decisions.  His is a failure of his own making.

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Antony from the very beginnig is represented as a man who indulges excessively in pleasure, especially the pleasure represnted by egypt or cleopatr like Antony himself says , "in Egypt my pleasure lies". Antony is represented in the text as a courageous n able soldier, thus is often compared to Hercules, the Roman god of martial valour. Hence, Herculean is an epithet often added to his name. Inspite of his extraordinary abilities as a soldier, Antony is a tragic character in "Antony & Cleopatra" who is completely defeated at the hands of caesar as he constantly neglects the world of politics of rome in favour of his sexual desire for cleopatra or egypt like he says "Let rome in tiber melt"Antony is presented as a man who often experiences conflicts regarding his loyalties as a soldier to rome or his passion for egypt hence, a self-divide is created in antony leading to an identity-cirsis.He finally commits suicide as he realizes the woman he had trusted so deeply is the one behind his destruction.

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