Could you give me a character anaylsis from Act 3 of Macbeth of the characters Banquo, Lady MacBeth and MacBeth?    It would help me just to have a few pointers to elaborate on!

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Banquo has become wise to the "foul" behavior of Macbeth. He states that Macbeth has it all now, insinuating that he is now king. However, Banquo is afraid that Macbeth has "played most foully" for his new title as king. Banquo also states that he will not remain silent about all that Macbeth has done to gain the title of king: 

You have it now, King, Cawdor, Glamis, all,
As the weird women promised; and, I’m afraid,
You played most foully for it. Still it was said
It would not be passed to your children,
Only that myself should be the root and father
Of many kings. If they told the truth,
As their speeches shine on you, Macbeth,
Why, by the truths made good on you,
Might they not be my prophecies as well,
And set up my hopes? But I’ll be quiet; no more.

Banquo's attitude is a dangerous one. His decision to tell all that he knows will put Macbeth in danger. Clearly, Banquo is very concerned with his own prophecy of his sons becoming kings. Truly, Banquo is not pleased with the fact that Macbeth has earned his new title of king by murdering King Duncan.


Macbeth is afraid of Banquo. He realizes that Banquo was not pleased with the witches' prophecy to Macbeth. Macbeth realizes that Banquo was more concerned with his own prohecy from the witches. Macbeth admits that he fears Banquo. Macbeth's fear of Banquo will result in Banquo's death:

To be king in this way is nothing,
Only to be safely king in this way matters. Our fears of Banquo
Stick deep, and there’s a lot to be afraid of
in the royalty of his nature. He has the courage to do a lot,
And, in that unconquerable temper of his mind,
He has a wisdom that guides his courage
To act in safety. He is the only one
Whose being I fear. And, under him,
My natural ability is despised as, they say,
Mark Antony's was by Caesar. Banquo scolded the sisters
When first they put the name of king upon me,

Lady Macbeth is concerned with Macbeth's evil imaginings. She desires for Macbeth to pretend nothing has happened. She is so shallow. She is only concerned with Macbeth's presentation to his guest. Lady Macbeth encourages Macbeth to stop thinking on thoughts that should have died witht the murder of King Duncan. As she states, "What's done is done." Lady Macbeth wants Macbeth to be jovial and joyful. She wants Macbeth to stop worrying about Banquo:

Come on.
Gently my lord, put on a different face.
Be bright and jovial among your guests tonight.

Clearly, Lady Macbeth is not being realistic. She cannot think that the murder of King Duncan will be forgotten so easily. The fact that she encourages Macbeth to be happy shows that she has no remorse for what she and Macbeth have done. Lady Macbeth is dangerous in her actions. She has been Macbeth's's ally in murdering King Duncan. Now, she is pretending that nothing has happened. How could she be jovial and joyful at a time like this? Clearly, she has no conscience.    

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