character analysis of the short story 'Boarding House'

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Mrs.Mooney who was a butcher's daughter, married to her father's foreman was a very determined woman who didnt get the opportunity at first to do what is best. she is a very strong woman,not only physically but also emotionally. she divorced her husband and gave him neither food nor money nor house-room. She took a huge risk in building a boarding house by herself being very stern and firm in handling it for she was very observant and was alert with every inmate. she was a very ambitious lady who sent her daughter to become a typist and her son, a clerk. She was a good mother who wanted a better future for her children. But her way of brightening her children's future was immoral. She uses the boarding house as a ground to find suitable bachelors for her daughter.She exploits the feelings and desires of young men by attempting her daughter into doing things. She lacks morality.

on contrast with Mrs.Mooney, Mr.Mooney is a lower class person who lacks social decorum. He has no reputation and aimless and "white face and a white moustache and white eyebrows" the word white sympolises how his life lacks colour.

Polly is a slim young girl of nineteen with a disrespectful father and a hard-wrecked brother. She is well aware of her own plight though she seems to be a victim of her mother. She emerges through her mother's victimisation and recognises marriage as a way of establishing a better social class and a reputation. She also exploits Doran just as much as her mother exploits both of them. She is observant and insightful for she knew that when her mother was not interacting with the affair that she was upto something.

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