I help in finding ideas for writing an essay about " A Rose For Emily" from the standpoint of a reporter. i have to write an essay as if i am a reporter seeking an inside story about Emily Grierson. it needs to be informative and an attention grabber.  HELP!!!!!! I do not have a clue where to start!!!!! I need a catchy title and a thesis statement. it can be gossipy and scandelous also!!!!

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There are many opportunities writing an essay based on "A Rose for Emily." If the essay writer were a reporter,  he would look for some aspect of Emily's life that  was unusual.  Here are some ideas that might work as a topic:

Senior Citizen Refuses to Pay Taxes

Miss Grierson Announces Upcoming Nuptials

Barron Missing for Six Months

Citizens Concerned about Foul Odor on Street

Black Servant's Disappearance Circumspect

Cousins Find Gruesome Scene in Grierson Home

Any of these headlines could be used as both a scandalous essay topic.  As far as a thesis statement, remember that you are making an argument.  So for the first headline, you might use the claim that "Even the most respected senior citizens must pay taxes."

Writing from the standpoint of a reporter does make the essay interesting. I believe that you will have fun with this assignment.

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