Character analysis of philleas fogg in around the world in eighty days  

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Phileas Fogg is a great character. He's not as awesome as Passepartout, but he's still a fun character to read. He is fun to read because of how unbelievably cool and calm he always is. Readers are told about this quality of Fogg's fairly early on in the story:

He was, in short, the least communicative of men.

Fogg is tough to read, because he doesn't spout off his opinions about things unless he's asked, and he is in such command of his body that he's tough to read physically too. Despite what appears to be a fairly icy exterior, Fogg is a very loyal friend to have. If Fogg commits to you, he's got your back through thick and thin. He might express his displeasure with a person, but Fogg won't leave his friends hanging.

I believe that it has to be said that Fogg is also a risk taker. He has to be in order to bet his vast wealth on proving that he can circumnavigate the planet in eighty days. Fogg would probably say that it isn't much risk, because of his confidence in being able to do it; however, he still takes risks along the way that could have been huge disasters. For example, instead of just staying on schedule, Fogg decides to rescue Aouda.

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