character analysis on the main characters in the book

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If you are asking how to write a character analysis essay for a main character, you should consider the following questions: How does a writer reveal or develop a character?  What techniques does the writer use?

This means that you need to reflect on the five aspects of character:

1. Speech or dialogue of the main character.

2. Actions - what does the main character do?  How does he, she or it behave?

3. Appearence - What do they look like?

4. Private thoughts - What is the character thinking? What motivates him, her, it?

5. Relationship - What do the other characters think of the character you are analyzing? How does this character get along with other?

Most important! - A character analysis is just like any other essay.  You must write a thesis statement about your character and then prove your thesis using the five aspects of character.



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