What is the character analysis of Candida?

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Basically, Candida is the wife of Reverend James Morell and is a very beautiful and seductive woman. She can charm men and usually gets what she wants. She is a clever woman and manipulates situations and people to suite her goals. She is a very independent woman and this has been encouraged by her husband. She uses her intelligence to get people to do her bidding.

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Candida, one of the great female charaters in the history of English drama, is the dominationg character in the play "Candida" by partarchial G. B. Shaw. Through the character of Candida Shaw proves that women are not velnerable, they have their own existance upon the planet.

Candida was a caring wife, mother and greate woman. Though she was misbehaved by two male charaters........his husband Morell and a boy Eugene Marchbanks, she didnt loose her temper nor repentence or feel sorry, but on the other hand she made them realise that they were wrong. Her character was bold, impressive, pious and inspirational. By all means she is equal to Nora (heroine of Ibsen's Dolls House). She paved the way for the women of the society to be bold and candid like her, if they are not worng by any means. 

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