What are character analyses of Brutus, Antony, Julius Caesar, Octavius Caesar, and Cassius from "Julius Caesar"?

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Click on the enotes link below, and navigate to the section on Character Analysis on the right.  The site has comprehensive information on each of the characters you named.

In a nutshell, Brutus is considered by most to be a noble man.  He has high ideals for the republic, and is tormented because in his mind, he believes that Caesar must be killed for the good of the nation.

Antony is a professional soldier, a gifted and influential speaker, and a bit of a playboy.  Some believe he is cruel and motivated by selfish desires, but he is also perceptive, and offers at the end of the play a sensitive analysis of the character of Brutus.

Although his character is central to the play, Julius Caesar remains a surprisingly ambiguous entity, because most of the impressions the reader gets obout his nature are from the opinions of other people, many of whom are his enemies. He is a strong leader, however, who has led his armies to victory, and he seems to be revered by the common people, although not by the tribunal.

Octavius Caesar, the successor of Julius Caesar, is fair-minded and judicious.  He appears to be a man who has a clarity of vision and the strength to be a good leader. 

The leader of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar, Cassius is a good judge of other men's characters, but frequently finds himself in a position where he must go against what he believes and adhere to the wishes of others.

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