Maria Teresa character analysis Need info on Maria Teresa's character profile and specific quotes for her

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In Alvarez's In the Time of the Butterflies, Maria Teresa, "Mate", the youngest of the butterfly sisters, matures from innocent child, preoccupied with pretty, trivial things, to brave freedom fighter and writer in the resistance against Trujillo.

If I were to provide evidence to support her character development I would focus on the following chapters and excerpts:

In chapter 3, page 48, Maria Teresa first starts journaling in her Little Book at Catholic school and wonders what it means to have a soul: "Minerva says a soul is a deep longing that you can never fill up, but you try . . . I have that longing, I guess. Sometimes before a holiday or birthday party I feel like I'm going to burst. But Minerva says that's not exactly what she meant."

What does this reveal about what Mate cares about when she is a girl?

In chapter 7, after Mate, now a young woman, accidentally meets "Palomino", one of the revolutionaries helping her sister and her husband: "I told Minerva and Manolo right out, I...

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