Chapters Ten and Eleven are the last two chapters in the first part of the book. Explain why Harper Lee chooses to end the first part here.

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As was mentioned in the previous post, Chapters 10 and 11 are important turning points in the lives of the children and the plot of the novel. Both Jem and Scout learn valuable lessons after spending time with Mrs. Dubose and witnessing their father shoot the rabid dog. Atticus also teaches his children what real courage looks like after he elaborates on Mrs. Dubose's battle with her morphine addiction. The first part of the novel primarily focuses on the children's infatuation with Boo Radley and portrays Atticus giving his children valuable life lessons. The second part of the novel focuses more on Tom Robinson's trial and the children's maturation. In the second part of the story, Jem and Scout witness racial injustice firsthand, which deeply impacts their perspectives on life. Both children also apply their father's previous life lessons and develop into morally upright individuals. Harper Lee chose to end Part I after Chapter 12 in order to shift the plot toward the Tom Robinson trial and to explore the children's moral development. 

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapters 10 and 11 of To Kill a Mockingbird prove to be turning points in the lives of Atticus' children. In Chapter 10, Jem and Scout discover that Atticus is not "feeble"; he has two special skills--marksmanship and humility. Chapter 11 is particularly important to Jem's approaching adolescence and maturity. He learns several lessons from his stay with Mrs. Dubose--that people are not always what they seem and that an act of seeming drudgery can have positive implications--and also has to deal with the death of someone who he has come to know.

The second part of the book begins with Jem's growth into young manhood and how Scout must deal with her brother's changes. It also detours from their infatuations with Boo Radley to the second major plot of the story--the Tom Robinson trial.

julissa987 | Student

chapter 10 and 11 are the kids before trial and the 2nd part are after trial the difference and how it affected their live

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